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Nick AlanaLogan96
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Vorname Tracy
Nachname Pino
Geschlecht weiblich
Geburtstag (Alter) 13.07.2003 (15)
Größe --
Adresse Rijswijk
PLZ - Ort 2288 Cv -
Land Dänemark
Registriert 02.06.2018 um 13:29 Uhr
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Wizard sss 1 167g long putts, used to be main putter, rarely used now.Wizard sss 1 175 g Main putter and approach shots within 150 4 x baseline 2 are backup all 170 + range (likely to throw on holes I might lose it on) driving putter holes from 200 300 with height, certain approaches and sidearm drives/approachesUltrium Sparta Pure straight line driving putter on holes requiring 150 250 straight line drives.Will probably use all apart from back ups on a round, I love throwing putters.1 Misprint dx Roc stamped with a cro stamp.

Stunning disc, stable as fuck (not overstable), flies on the line lands on the line. Been in the bag a long time, would be gutted to lose, it never seems to beat in too far, has kept the straight line for years.2 x Base midari one is slightly understable, the other is more stable throughout.

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Listen to experts too, but like I said, there are lots of buzzwords that don mean much unless you know what they mean from first hand experience. Like if a chef talks about using lemons for added zip. That doesn mean much unless you know what lemons are, and what they taste like.

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