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Nick SavannahBanniste
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Vorname Savannah
Nachname Bannister
Geschlecht männlich
Geburtstag (Alter) 05.04.2005 (13)
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Adresse Kirkton Of Menmuir
PLZ - Ort Dd9 5xp -
Land Eritrea
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I finished the line and paused.

Thoughtfully. I read it again. He bent the bright corner of the page, feeling the rough paper under his fingers. I closed the book, I heard a satisfying knocking. I feel the weight of the book, while I take into account the weight of words. Studying the cover for the hundredth time, I could not solve her secrets.
My fingers slide over the notches and hills, my mind was lost in the words I read. I opened the book, opened the page, made a note in the margin. Then I continued to read. That's why, at least for me, paper books will never disappear. I do not like to have too many things.
Trash. He presses on me, occupies space, having a tangible effect on my thoughts. So I try not to buy unnecessary things. I regularly get rid of useless things, which I still buy. Empty space is a pure board for my consciousness, it can move freely, without these unseen bonds.
But what about the books? They take up too much space. They are not practical in today's world of electronic books. In a world of movement and changeability. I can not carry a bookshelf with me, and I have an e-book Kindle for this case. But what is the use of real books?
Is it nostalgia or sentimentality that makes me still love them? I think something more. Kindle deprives the book of the soul. It conveys words, but these words are devoid of depth. In the Kindle, each book weighs the same as the rest, each book is black and white, each has a "reading frequency" counter.
The book is the awakening of the senses, and the technologies dull the senses. Again, maybe it's nostalgia. It must be difficult for me to give it to the judgment of reason. Books have no souls. But if I'm a little more condescending to myself, losing myself in what the book tells me?
Sensations, weight, all this pushes me to continue to recognize the thoughts of another person, I want to continue to read. Something much more than when I click on the screen of my Kindle. Unexpected real benefit from bulky paper. I wonder how I would feel when I was a child, when e-books are the norm, not to mention video systems and disks?
Would I be mocking this illogical worship? Or would I take a paper book and see the point? I believe this is a deeply personal thing that affects the limitations of the mind most. I know that the reverence I feel for paper books outweighs the practicality of the Kindle.
I would like to have a small home library once. There I'll settle and will not move anymore. Filled bookshelves will become the so-called signature of the house. Until then, I will continue to try to take stock, owning several paper books, while my Kindle replaces them.

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